Niven Morgan

On St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. In the souks of Marrakech. By the sea in Mustique. Dallas-based fragrance designer Niven Morgan travels the world capturing the essence of exotic locales to serve as the spirit of his luxury line of products. Morgan has built an aromatic empire of candles, soaps, lotions, and home scents, with much inspiration drawn from his global excursions, as well as from fond childhood memories of his family’s Louisiana farm.Morgan takes a hands-on approach to his growing business, overseeing all aspects of the collection’s creation, as well as frequent customer interaction through trunk shows and personal appearances around the country. Steeped in all things sumptuous, Morgan’s appreciation of art, fashion, interior design and culture are evident in his ingredients and packaging — elements that keep his celebrity and habitual clientele coming back for more. Although aesthetics are a large part of Morgan’s alluring world, he believes one needs to be as charitable as they are prosperous. Morgan has supported numerous charities benefiting women, children, families, the arts, and more, with special focus on the Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer, in conjunction with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.
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